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At R & S Screen Printers, we are deeply rooted in the ethos of community engagement and the profound impact we can achieve through collective efforts. Our dedication to the community is steadfast, and we actively embrace opportunities to support fundraisers, athletes, and charitable organizations that resonate with our core values.


We recognize the pivotal role of fundraising events in driving positive change and leaving a lasting imprint on society. Each request for fundraiser support is meticulously evaluated by our team. Whether it's aiding a local school, a nonprofit entity, or a community initiative, we approach every proposal with the highest level of consideration. Our goal is to back events that mirror our mission to cultivate a stronger, more vibrant community.


The commitment and enthusiasm athletes show in their sports are qualities we admire and support. R & S Screen Printers stands behind athletes who exhibit outstanding talent, perseverance, and a sense of community responsibility. Athletes in search of sponsorships or financial aid are encouraged to connect with us. We assess each request diligently, aiming to assist deserving athletes in achieving their ambitions while making a positive community impact.

Charitable Organizations:

The journey to make a meaningful difference often involves the synergistic efforts of various charitable groups. We at R & S Screen Printers are committed to backing causes that reflect our principles and make a real difference in the community. We thoroughly review requests from charities seeking support, whether through funding or donations. Our collaborations with these organizations are designed to bolster their missions and enhance their capacity to drive change.

Our Impact:

Our engagement with the community allows R & S Screen Printers to significantly touch lives and communities. We've contributed to a multitude of fundraisers, supported dedicated athletes, and partnered with impactful charitable organizations. By partnering with us, you're not just getting exceptional screen printing and promotional items; you're joining a movement dedicated to positive community action.

Contact Us:

If you're involved with a fundraiser, an athlete, or a charitable organization seeking support, we invite you to reach out to R & S Screen Printers. Contact us through our website's form to share your story and discuss how we can collaborate for a meaningful impact.

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